Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fading Back Slowly!


Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I have definitely disappeared from blogland the last 2 weeks...
My obligation as a mother has taken over!
The first half os my sons summer vacation was over run with furniture hunting, and refurbishing, So I needed to focus my attention elsewhere.
Yesterday was my Babys 2nd birthday!
Brody...laughing his butt off at his crazy mom, trying to get his infamous smile! it!

We had a little party, with our family and friends, and it was great! an evening pool party...What a great way to beat the heat, here in sunny California!
His favorite present! (good idea daddy)

And Today my hubby and I started on a new project...Our boys Treehouse! It is coming along wonderfully! Below is our inspiration pic...and a few pics of our progresss...I'm sure it wont be long until I post the finished pics!
Our Inspiration!

the frame is up! (my hubby hate being in the pics lol)

shots of the floor in

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support as I took my brave step forward and had my first sale! I loved it! My success built my ambition level way higher, and I've already begame to collect more piece, and follow up on leads! So thank you again! I'll be back soon, with a gorgeous desk transformation, I'm starting tomorrow :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My First Sale!!!

My first sale goes down in history...
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OMGoodness! It went great! I sold alot of pieces. Got a few new leads for some custom pieces. and learned a littel by...trial and error :) I also got to meet my friend Angie from All My Treasures! If you haven't met her yet...go now and check out her gorgeous blog! And some of the amazing things shes got going on! Let me tell you something...she is super...super great! Beautiful and Friendly, most of all very supportive! I was so surprised by how much support and encouragement she showed to someone she hardly knew (me), and alot of others here in blogland for that matter! I am truly blessed to have made new friends...and I really, really hope they continue to grow!

Have a wonderful end to a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet Pink Dresser Makeover

Whisper Sweet Nothings about this Dresser Makeover
*psst It'll make sense in a second*

I spotted this dresser a while back in my mother-in-laws room...She said if I could replace it...I can have it...let me tell you, I was on the move trying to find a good replacement for her...

Speaking of my mother-in-law...she has been super awesome...and so super supportive and along with being that she has also become my very first investor...yep. A few weekends ago, she suprized me, and handed me $100 and told me to go buy a paint srayer...I was sop excited I was literally jumping up and down...yay! Lets hope my sale goes well, because the first $100 I make goes straight to her :) If your reading along...Thanks Pam! I really appreciate all the support you have given me during this whole journey...oh and I'll have your bench done soon *pinky-swear*

Anywho back to the makeover...I found one, best part (for free)...yep So we got to trading! I have been debating lately on what color to paint her...And decided on a color by Behr called "Sweet Nothings" eh get it :) lol


But before she got a couple coats of primer...she was an oh so pretty shade of cherry (not pretty)
And now...
Cauuute! Huh....this would be so perfect in a nursery, little girls room...ooooh or a guest room...with soft textures, and pretty floral sheets...Ok ...I'm done dreaming of a sure feminine space...Won't ever happen here :) I'm so out numbered :) lol

This might just be my last project I post before my sale...Wish me luck all, and big giant thanks to everyone who has thrown out a couple prayers, and kinds word for me! (means alot)...and I will be back soon, I've got alot of last minute details to throw together!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sideboard/Dresser Beautified

Is it a Dresser...Is it a Sideboard...

You pick...

This piece I picked up a few weeks ago...actually the owner if the mirror turned chalkboard from here.

I love her details...

I painted her a creamy white, then glazed here details...The hardware was spraypainted ORB...*love it*

This piece too will be going up for sale in exactly 1 week! Ahhhh...getting super duper nervous!

Come back soon, to see what else I've had going on!