Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free chair cute-ified

Free...the best part! Not a bad chair besides the "girlie" Dora picture on it...not good for my lil' man... I had some fabric, that goes with the Cogsmo by Cosmo Cricket collection. So this was the perfect spot for it. I just simply cut the fabric to the desired size to cover the existing picture, and use spray adhesive to stick it to the chair....and voila! A matching chair to go in Brodys Robot room!



I just noticed, the fabric looks even girlier in this here is a close-up

The picture of the chair doesn't serve the fabric justice. Gotta get the hang of taking good pics.... I'm trying, promise.
So this project was super quick maybe 30 min, and didn't cost a thing!
Come back soon to see the finished pics of Brodys Robot Room!

Glass Container Pretty-fied

What a little spray paint can amazing! I believe it is my new best friend. Sorry Hot rollers...but you have now been replaced.



Pulled together for $1.00. I sprayed it a satin nickel finish (already had) and some cotton balls transfered from their sad little their new pretty home! Only took me about 30 min. Now thats and easy project!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Awesome Friday Finds: part 2

Fridays are the day for one, then sales all over the thrift store world, in my parts of town for the second! I didn't have anything thing in mind...(never really do) I have so many things I have yet to finish on my "list" but whats a few more projects..... Just stopped by a few places, and found some goodies with lots-a-potential...woo hoo!

Great Wine Carafe

A little spray paint on the lid, a couple cotton balls... perfecto for my bathroom redo!

Perfect just the way they are...Milk Glass vases.

Ugly... Yes! a little spray paint, and this'll be a perfect little catch-all or candy'll see.

Set of coasters...can we say "Decoupage" mmmmhhmmmm...

I'll get em done soon....check back for the after pics!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decor Color for 2010 Turquois!

I like this! I am enamored by turquoise. From its oh so feminine hue to its Retro feel. I envision it in almost every room, not too much, just a slight punch...ahhhh and so refreshing. and that it is. I did a little research. Color therapy has always interested me, I looked in to it a bit and wow...very interesting...For instance Turquoise is:
Refreshing and Sophisticated:
A mix of blue and green, turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication.
Nature of Turquoise:
A blend of blue and green, shades of turquoise have the same calming effects of those colors.
Let me tell you Tiffany & Co. picked the prettiest color by far! Turquoise is very empowering.

I wanted to give you a peek at some super pretty demonstrations, on how the color is used in these gorgeous rooms...

Source: Unknown


Source: Unknown

Source: Kim Coleman

Him is a big boy now!

My lil' baby Brody is getting bigger, and alot more adventurous. So its about time to grow up his room from nursery room to toddler room. Brodys Robot Room has been an ongoing project of mine for awhile now. It took awhile to get a design in mind...But after alot of inspirations, and his little hints of what hes into, I decided on "Retro Robots." His room isn't the biggest in the house, but It will work with alot of imagination, and daddys my hard work, it will be an amazing place for him to sleep(not often) play(always) and just hang out with his big brother(who is helping me with ideas).
Here are some Inspirations I stumbled upon while trying to decide...





Its on my to do list...So I will have a post up soon with ALL the details on his room!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh So Sleek chest of drawers make over

Like new chest of drawers

Didn't it turn out pretty. Not sure if it's going to stay there or find a new home yet...we'll see. Ooooh and theres a little peek of the lamp I got last week...not done yet.
All I did with this was sand it pretty thoroughly, take off the knobs, prime and paint with the same "espresso" color as my curio cabinet. I also painted the knobs a satin finish nickel color.
Before. notice the pale pink color, and diamond sponging technique on the drawers...mmmmhmmm?

Ahhhhh so sleek and perdie!

This little guy cost me $12.50 total. I already had the paint from previous projects. And took me 1 day...with drying times included.
I'm pretty excited to add it to my home.

To do list for 2010...In Progress...

I have been cruisin around the blog world, finding so many inspirations...its unbelievable! my mind is going crazy, its even hard to sleep at night...whew...
So I saw a post at Tip Junkie about, to do lists, etc...
And coincidentally a friend of mine and I chat frequently about her list. I have yet to make one for myself... but I would like to. I am an unorganized-organized list know writing on the back of receipts,on magazine covers, fliers that come in the mail. I know what the heck! I try? So here is my first attempt at a "normal-organized" list:
To do list for 2010
1. Become more "GREEN" I wouldn't mind being a hippie :)
2. Finish Brodys robot room
3. Design and construct my Pantry
4. Concrete counter tops in the kitchen (mainly a hubby thing) I wanna help too!
5. Redo boys/guest bathroom
6. Plant a vegetable garden
7. Hang a clothesline
8. Finish courtyard
9. Mudroom Redo
10.Window treatment all around house
11.Re-do Master Bedroom
12.Start doing what I love and getting paid for it! (buy,redo,sell)
13.Become more organized!

I think that will be all for little bugger is calling me " nannnnnaaaaa" (he means momma, I just know it)lol terrible two's at 18 mos. Who woulda thought...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


They like me...They really like me!
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