Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trash to Treasure- Lil Black Beauty

I am officially hooked :) I have been picking up poor sorry pieces of furniture like crazy lately! This one in particular was a curbside find. I can definately understand why? lol

Even with layers and layers of paint, one drawer missing, and filthy beyond belief. I saw it and had to have it!
This was the fun part.

I broke out our pressure washer and with the help of my bigger lil man... gave him a bath...yep he's a him :)
then I stripped him down with a crap load of "Jasco." Looks cool huh :) (such little things amuse me) By the way... when you use a paint stripper, you should always be wearing good gloves and eye protection You should do this in a WELL VENTILATED area as this stuff stinks and its not good for your health to breath a lot. REALLY!

Next painted it with about 2 coats of primer,

I used Zissner 123 (primer, sealer,stain killer). Works really good, and my hubby gets this stuff free all the time from work :)

Then after about 3 coats of "Krylon" satin black...Hes already looking super handsome!
If you noticed in the picture, I took out the drawer mechanic (since there was no 2nd drawer) and cut a piece of scrap wood to fit into the bottom...the wood was actually the backing off of a dresser that I tried to rescue...but it didn't make it, so I took it apart and stored all the scraps, to use later...like now :)

I picked up the handle from a yard sale for $1 it is a pretty shade of turquoise, and made of glass...cool huh! and after a lot of wandering around the hardware store I figured out how to put this cutie on the drawer...and I think it looks great!

And to wrap things up...I also got a small basket from the same yard sale, it was red now its a creamy cream colored (thanks to spray paint) and I grabbed some fabric to compliment the color of the handle at Joanns, made a liner out of it, and set the basket in its place...

And here he is...
Handsome huh? This little guy will have a great little spot at my sale coming up this July!

I will be linking up to some of the funnest parties...check out my side bar! They are all fun! Come join in on the festivities, and check out others great projects too! ( not saying mine is great...well I think it is)

I will be back!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lil Ol' Dresser Transformed!

And how pretty she is!?! I grabbed this dresser from a yard sale a week ago for $25. That was a little much for me, but since I had been getting so many things for free lately...it kinda evened out.

She first started out dark and dreary with a mirror atop of her. But the stand for the mirror was in bad shape all warped and cracked. The mirror itself was really scratched up.

...so I took off that piece and decided she will debut with out it!

I primed her up...took about 3 coats until I was happy.

And finished her off with 3 coats of Martha Stewarts "Tidewater." But shh don't tell Martha, I don't want to hurt her feelings, I had the color color matched and made into a BEHR sample...I love BEHR! Oh and just so you know I used a small foam roller....worked like a charm!

Spray painted the hardware with Krylon satin black...And Voila! I love her...so pretty!

I am so addicted to refinishing furniture now! There is more to came so stick around!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Frugal Finds!

I said I would be back and here I am! What a day this has been...one of the longest ones ever!

I have been super busy juggling, that thing called work, and my hobby... I wil not let work win! Dang-it!

So here are some things begging for my attention...
I purchased this credenza from a rummage sale at a church down the street, for $2. So picture the bottom middle part a wine rack, and some doors on the sides....smothered with in a rich black paint color...with a little distressing! yummmmm huh?!
Oh but wait what do you all think about the feet? Keep em...or replace with some chuncky ball style ones?

This little gal, was layers of yellow, then white, then green, and finally peach! and missing a drawer...Curb Alert find...so Free! I'm almost done with her... so check back, I don't want to ruin her debut :)

This piece I found at a yard sale saturday for $20. I already started dismantling this beauty...there was a mirror atop of it...but it was really warped, and scratched, so it is now just a dresser...soon to be painted a lovely turquoise color...ooh can't wait!

These are the 2 chairs I received from a sweet woman that I talked about here. For Free! might keep the little one....seems like a great time out chair...lol

Oh man and this is just a jist of all the stuff calling my name the second I get a free moment...I have picked up everything from scrap wood, to mason jars, and frames to remnant fabric!
Busy Busy Busy....
My goal is to have all sorts of things ready to place in new homes sometime around the middle of July I plan on having a sale! Yep a sale! Sounds like fun huh....welp gotta get to work then huh :) These things aren't going to paint themselves...

More to come...just you wait and see!

Monday, May 17, 2010

With A Kind Heart!

I have so much going on right now, but I just wanted to stop in and share a bit about my morning!
I'm not a super religious person,don't attend church or bible studies, but I do believe in God and believe he works in glorious and mysterious ways! ( by the way spell checker should insist on GOD being capitalized)anywho...

I am a member of this small local group called High Desert Freecycle. This group consists of people wanting to give away or receive free stuff from paint to clothes. It is a wonderful group....the less that goes into our landfills, the better. (and its all free)

Last night I replied to a message by a woman who had a chair she was giving away, among other things. She emailed me back with the address and all the details. So this morning, as I was waking up...I heard a comment in my head, that my brother had made about himself, and how he will not take free things from others, because there might be someone out there that really needs them. I have been hearing this comment softly in my head, and it was weighing heavy on my heart, so first thing this morning, I thought...ooh I'm going to stop and get this woman some doughnuts...or maybe a nice bouquet of flowers...
As I went into the store, I thought NO! a plant, I'm just gonna grab a plant, they grow, and flourish! They don't just die like flowers....and maybe shes on a diet and can't eat donuts...
So a plant it was.
With my 2 boys in tote we ventured down a rugged dirt road, to get some free stuff. Trevor was in charge of the plant to make sure it didn't topple over. Brody was in charge of making every noise possible....while we hit every bump...lol We pulled up to the house, and she met us at the driveway. Trevor rolled down his window and handed her the plant. She said thank you! She looked as if she was going to cry, I got out of the truck to grab the things, and she told me a little story about how all of these things were her mothers, and she had passed away recently. And she is going to be planting a beautiful garden in memory of her. We read the tag on the plant, and it CAN be planted outside....can you believe it!?!
So amazing! The kindness that comes from him! This made my day. On the ride home, I was explaining to my sponge of a 6 year old what had just happened, and he got it....and just smiled...he said " you didn't even know, so god told you in your heart"

That there is a miracle! and my definition of true parenting....How does that saying go..."It takes a village to raise a child" ...or just the help of the Almighty Father!

Have a beautiful Day!
Ooooh and I'll be back later to share what I got!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

They love me...they really love me!

okay okay enough of the dramatics! ah ha! No but really...I just received this award from my wonderful new friend Tracy from Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures. And boy oh boy is her blog awesome! Go check out her, well I don't even know where to start all the stuff she does is lovely! Like her bird bath made from clay pots, oh and the natural lamp shade is so cool! Oh and her Guest Room Redo! So soft, and pretty! K so enough is enough, go check her out! lol

So I can't rightfully accept this award unless of coarse I pass it on to 10 of some of the most deserving blogs I follow!

So dun dun dun dun....I would like to present, the lovely recipients of this award! (ah ha whatta dork)In no special order, here they are :)

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So ladies, I hope you will proudly accept this award, and still be my bloggy-friends even if I'm a dork...(I think I'm a bit tired :P)

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Lil Shabby Sofa Table

Sofa Table made not so Shabby...

My first attempt at "really" redoing a piece of furniture, definately had its ups, and downs. Thanks to a little skill I have recently aquired called patience, I came through ok :)

This table started out as an unfinished table, I purchased from Joanns about 5 years ago. I stained it a dark walnut color, and for a long time, our flat screen t.v. sat on it. That is until My hubby decided to get the biggest t.v. in the world(that doesn't need a stand.) Now the poor thing has been tossed from room to room...now its in the garage, awaiting a new home :)

I decided to paint her. So for the first step I sanded her down a bit then sprayed her with a primer...
This part led to alot of frustration...because I was too impatient to wait until the baby woke up to go to the store and grab "white" preimer, I used gray...ugh and man was it a pain in the butt to cover, it seeped into the grain of the wood, and oh man I'm never buying gray primer again...lol
K... so 4 cans later of Heirloom White here she is...

I also wanted to change out the hardware...she just had some plain old wood ones. The ones I changed them to had 2 holes, so I had to drill two new holes...The easiest way I could think to do this was put a piece of masking tape across the back of the new hardware and mark where the holes were. I then centered the existing hole between the 2 new holes, and drilled where the marks were, like below...

Cool huh! That worked great.

Then to line the drawer...I found this super cute Wrapping sized scrap book paper at the 99 cent store...and it was just right, I cut it to size, then sprayed the inside of the drawer with some Krylon Spray Adheisive, and layed the paper down...

After some debating on whether or not to glaze...and with some wonderful tips from my friend Angie @ All My Treasures, I actually decided not to glaze. I just sanded the corners a bit, and I really like how she turned out! I almost want to keep her, but theres no room in my casa for her. So for now she sits covered in the garage, until I find her a home.

One more time...The finished product!

That was fun. I will do it again for sure. Actually I'm working on a little nightstand make-over right now, so stick around and see what I've been up to.

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