Thursday, October 14, 2010

Starting is the Hardest Part...

Okay so first off I would like to thank Alison over at Stuff and Nonsense. Her blog is awesome, and best of all she gave me this great little award...I'm so excited...
And now I am suppose to reveal 7 random things about goes...

♥I love to talk with different accents ...I think my kids think I'm crazy ;)
I am a pro at changing tires
I don't know how to swim
During a crazy time when I was about 20... I mud wrestled for a short time (shhh don't tell anyone)
Swinging on swings makes me dizzy
I chew my mashed potatoes (I think its weird)
My hubby and I were married in Vegas!
One more to send you on your way! I know this is #8 but owell...
When I'm watching a movie I find myself ghost writing out the words with my finger (I dunno why)

That was fun!
Now to pass this award on to some deserving blogs...15?! What? wow that's alot, and easy :)
Here they are, in no special order :)

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Alrightie! now off to find somethin to do :)