Monday, January 17, 2011

Television Console

Yes, I'm alive :) I have just been cruisin through my projects...trying to finish what I start...sometime it doesn't work that way though. So a few weeks ago, I sat staring at this china hutch,
I got from a yard sale, and It just wasn't doing anything for me, I painted the outside a creamy white, and the inside a robins egg blue color, and then stopped...It sat and sat.

Until I decides to chop it in half...mmmmhmmm. I took the top part of and finished the bottom to become my new t.v. console.

On the top, I wanted to add a bit of detail, so I used a art piece that had been lying around, and sprayed it with an espresso color, leaving the design...sanded and glazed the whole piece. Added some different hardware, and VIOLA!

I left the center cabinet door off, to house the cable box, and WII.
..and I rather love it!

Here it is, with our massive t.v atop it...may or may not stay...but for now, its a nice addition :)

Hope to have more to share soon!