Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Paint or not To Paint...

First may I say that I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! I sure have, because the sun came out today...WooHoo!

So do you ever debate on whether or not to paint some thing wood? I did a time or two...but got over that...quick.
But today when I showed my hubby what I have been thinking of doing to the hardwood in the new family room....he freaked out...ugh.

So I really need to share so I can get over the idea even quicker :(
I really wanted to stencil and paint over the hardwood...I know right? AWESOME! but I can't. So "The Man" says.
Here were a few inspirations I was LOVING!

I found all of these through Google Images... And they are all Gorgeous...look at them, love them, and copy them!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Damask Dressed Kitchen Cart

Here is a little something my hubby and I have been working on. A refabbed kitchen cart...not so perdie...

We chopped off the top...(which will be used for a future project)

added a butcher block top, and some bead board to the sides.

and to the front of the drawer.

painted it black, and sprayed the back with chalkboard paint :)

And here she is, lookin all pretty...waiting to be accessorized :) She gets a new damask patterned curtain, and some shiny refinished hardware.
And a very cute chalkboard to write all kinds of cute stuff!

Here is another few great shots of her after the transformation!

So whatta ya think...Wanna take her home? :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

think well, love well, sleep well

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.
-Virgina Woolf

So I've been trying to become a little chef in the kitchen... and watching the cooking channel waaay too much. Rachel Rays 30 minute meals rock! *singing* The way I see it is, I've got to follow the quote by making sure my family thinks well, loves well, and sleeps well right, what kinda wifey/mommy would I be if I made them eat t.v. dinners?
I think what works , is that I follow recipes to the t the first time around, then adlib a bit the next time...I think I'm getting pretty good at it!

So to help me in this little journey, I've been thinking about putting a t.v. in the kitchen? Whatta ya think? Like maybe installing a little flat panel t.v. stand right by the stove...oooh I'm kinda getting excited just thinking about it :) While searching for some inspiration on google images...I found this pic...
See it in the corner? Cute Right?
Tell me what you think?

One Fabulous Find

I have super high hopes for this one. I picked this set up the other day...

I can already picture it, stained a dark color on the top, with a creamy white base. This baby has got some details, and those details need a little glaze. 4 creamy white matching chairs...and some gorgeous fabric...oooh can't wait :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off to my day job...

Happy Wednesday!

I've gotta to head off to my day job today :(
Yesterday was a wonderfully productive day. My hubby was home from work, so we were workin it up out in the garage... I love working with him...he is super awesome!
So got a few projects going on at the moment...don't wanna loose my umph, ya know...when I lose it I really lose it.
Completed another island transformation post will be up soon promise :)Started another island...waiting for the glue to set, then ready to sand and paint. Sanded a dresser down. Oooh I can't wait to start on her...
Here is the before.

And here is my inspiration Check out the treament done on the walls! I spotted those beauties at jones design company. The moment I saw this post, I just knew that was what treatment this dresser was getting!
By the way, that inspiration...SWOON! I so want a space like that!

So what projects do you all have going on?

Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


A lot has been going on around my lil neck of the woods. Slowly but surely there has been some construction going on to finish the new addition, a huge family room that will have a new laundry room, and a mother in law suite.
Entire Addition

Future family room 500sq ft
 As all of you would be doing, I have been dreaming of how I will decorate this new space... Exciting! Now you know I have 2 boys, 3 if you count my I want a space that will work for all of us. Something Manly yet pretty, warm and cozy, light and airy! Here is what I have seen and fallen in love with.

I know though for the couches they will have to be either slipcovered for easy washing, or a slightly darker color...any suggestions on what works for you and your kiddos...with the pretty furniture? I really don't want to wait until my little one is the age 10 to get new sofas :) man this is fun!
Have any of you seen the prices for these antler chandeliers/ WOAH! so on ebay I have seen people selling lots of loose antlers...hmmm I might just try my hand at making my own...

My main dilema...for the door leading into the laundry room?
                                                                    Pocket Door?
                                                                     or Barn Door?

I love the barn door...but just curious if it will be too much mixed with the design elements from the inspiration picture above?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello world...How about a fresh start?

I read once somewhere that life never presents us with anything that can  not be looked upon as a fresh starting point...

And for the record, I get really distracted sometimes, and space responsibility? Ooops!
I received an email awhile back, and dismissed it. It stated that my domain name will soon be expiring, and to renew it asap...I didn't so I lost it. Ugh! I can't figure out how to get it I purchased a new one. I was able to import all of the posts I did...but unfortunately lost all of my followers :( I remember that feeling when I reached just 100! I miss you all already.
Here I am...Starting fresh!

This time around I want to focus more on the furniture that I refurbish.

I hope you will enjoy, and I hope to keep you intrigued.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Diamond in the Rough

Here is the lucky little guy that got to be transformed into a gorgeous piece of work... full of purpose and looks! Rough I know...but worth it!

Picked him up on the side of the road...for some reason they didn't want him anymore :/

Tore him apart from top to bottom and reinforced his stability...

Enclosed the 2 middle drawers(which were broken)perfect for storage, and added some great new cup pulls. Topped him off with a butcher block top!

Covered him with bead board, and gave him a few coats of Behrs' "Cotton Whisper"

Some cute little hooks, for hand towels and such?

Draped him with some amazing fabric, hung from a tension rod!

Isn't he perfect for any kitchen! I can't wait to find him a new home :)
I'm gointg to be joing Debbie over at Debbie doos! for her newbie party every Monday! Come on over...check it out!