Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tradition...

I haven't been that "into" christmas this year. No I'm not a scrooge. I think it might have to do with, my mom and brother (only intermediate family that live in California besides my lil family) have decided a few years ago not to celebrate christmas. because the "Meaning" has been lost. It has become way too commercialized for them, and being strong in their faith, they have chosen not to celebrate.
I'm beginning to agree. When my 7 year old was asked "What is christmas all about?" He answered presents. I know...Someone hasn't been doing their job *guilty*.

I just left Centsational Girl and Kate (I feel weird calling her by her name...since I don't know her and all) inspired me very early this morning. I believe the main straight to the point part of her blog was this "Even though December is a magical time of year, with little ones counting the days until Santa arrives, it can quickly become stressful and commercialized. I try to take it all in stride and focus on more meaningful moments: making cookies with the kids, crafting, decorating the tree, snuggling up with Christmas movies, and remembering the reason for the season." Straight from Kates writing.

She also said “Sure, the season is hectic, but you only have a few years to put tradition in their hearts.” shes so right! I have focused on the commercial aspects of it. Making sure my home looks greatly decorated (to my standards). I think I need to re-think things, I just hope its not too put tradition in my boys' heart.

I know I took her beautiful post, with beautiful pictures, and turned it blah with my own twist on things (I tend to do that sometimes. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to vent a little. Have any words of wisdom for me? I'd love to hear em.
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The life and Perspective of "my" 2 year old

On an average day, I start pretty early...
Wake about 3:30 make the hubbies lunch...try to go back to sleep, then wake at about 6:30 to tend to my boys...get ready for school and so on, nothing extravagant.

This morning, I wasn't able to go back to sleep, so as I was laying in bed watching a p90x infomercial I heard some wrestling coming from the kitchen. I figured it was one of the I waited for them to come hop in bed with me...

About 5 minutes go by and no kid in my bed, so I go to see whats up... and I find this *sneaking to get camera* :)

I say "whatta you doin" he gets startled, laughs then continues to enjoy his frosted flakes.

Ooops my camera bonks at me and tells me that my memory card is full...I'm thinking I better go unload it now, so I don't get all p'd off when I go to take a pic later... and heres what I find...
A whole lot of randomness... Hence the perception of my 2 year old...Surprise...Surprise...

This itself has made my day!
I love my kids! and I am super jazzed my camera didn't get broken!
Have a great day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I have a dream...

That one day (soon?) I will have one just like these...


source: unknown



I have had this in mind for awhile... I just need a fire lit under my behind...and just do it!

What do you think? Great idea huh?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sleep 'til you're hungry...Eat 'til you're sleepy...

Today has been a lazy day. Gotta love lounging around the house on a sun warmed day. The boys have been playing outside all morning...the hubby is napping on the couch, and I'm bored? hmmm... what to do?
I know eat...hee hee...

I have been on a mission lately to try new things...when it comes to food. My family has gotten way to comfortable with the same foods, tacos, spaghetti, beef stew...

So by luck I stumbled upon this wonderful blog. Val over at ValSoCal has an amazing blog featuring great recipes...I browsed around a bit, and found one that I HAD to try immediately... so I did.
And OMG! Can you say heaven! Best part is that my boys loved it too!

Cheese Steak Mac 'n' Cheese...yummy.

So I ate...and now I must sleep...
Thank you rock!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Mantle

I know ...I know...I've been a bit MIA...But I'm back and hopefully for good :)
I just wanted to share a bit of my christmas cheer with all of you. I decided to mix some "old" with "new" on the cheep...
I threw in a few of the insulators and old glass bottles that I collect.
Here is a little look at what I get to enjoy every day :)

A door mirror on its side...perfect for my 12 foot long mantle...

A collection of Dollar Tree Ornaments thrown together...and one of my favorite bottles...(btw...Krylons Matte finish Aluminum spray paint was my very good friend while decorating this year)

A clear glass insulator mixing the old with the new...



I hope you all are having a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas...I now it can be stressful...please take a moment to stop and appreciate the most precious things around you ;)