Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pick me...Pick me....for seriously the best giveaway EVER!

Alright now...hold your squeels for the end... I just left

HOLY CRAP! This has got the best giveaway ever... Seriously! Have you checked out Vintage Revivals? Mandi runs things over there, and she basically rocks!...I'm gonna do a little bit of butt kissing...This rug she did is Aaaaahmazing!
and look at this wall...just plain awesome!
Okay and this color combo and style are FABULOUS! that I have acheived the highest level of stalker status...lets get on with this post ;)

So here are the details on this freakin awesome giveaway... Mandi is going to be going to a LUCKY winners house and make over 1 room...with the help of her sponsers, ready? Krylon, Purdy, Dutch Boy, Decoart, Scotch Blue, and Royal Design Studios...I know right? And we'll get to hunt for some treasures, work with what I got, or both...I'm so super stoked about this!
Now after a long hard think(not! I didn't even have to think about it)...I have come up with which room I would want overhauled.
My Master Bedroom! The room that is the place I lay my little head to rest...The room that has turned into the homes catch all...The room that should be serene...The room that should be romantic...This is the room where all the magic happens ;)My home is a bit different not because it is brick...but alot of the interior walls were left yeah its a bit hard to work with...Love em...but they make my decisions very hard to make.
And I can and could never in all 7 years of my marriage and several houses we've lived in, I have never been able to make a firm decision on decor for this room....Now we own our home and love our home...we're not going anywhere, so I think its about that time to take this room from this...

to something like this...
or even something like this...
Ahhhh swooon!

Well Wish Me Luck! She will be announcing the top 10 on May think is possible to keep my fingers crossed until then...ah ha...


Jackie said...

I love your room choices... So relaxing.. Good Luck! said...

Hey Doll! You have been FEATURED at my blog Elements Interiors! I have a "SaaWeet" Ive been Featured Button for you to Grab :) Come check out your Feature!


Good Luck on the giveaway!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...


You cuteness! I love the ideas you have! We can totally bust it out! Thank you so much for linking up! Good luck lady!

Love your guts

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