Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh Em Gee! 100 Followers! {and} an Award!

Unfortunatley I have a day job...ugh I know. So yesterday I'm at work, really don't want to be there. Customers are grumpy, making my night crappier and crappier. I take my 10 min break and while I'm chillin enjoying the peace and quiet I check my emails, and there was just 1 from Brooke at All Things Thrify. And can I add that my mood changed completely...My night got way less crappy! She said she stumbled upon my blog and loved it {awwww schucks} and that she was giving me an award.

I had clue how awesome this award is, until I ran through the past recipients of said award...and HOLY COW! I am in Amazing company!
Thank you Brooke...and I went to sleep with 92 followers, and woke up with 102! WOAH! Super Excited I need to think of something special to do...kind of a giveaway of sorts! I'll letcha all know whats up with that soon!
Thank you all so much for hanging out and showing some love with all of your awesome comments...I love to read them all!
Have a Lovely Day all!


Confessions Of A ProjectOholic said...

Giveaways Rock!!!!!

Libby said...

I really enjoyed looking through your blog and I've become your newest follower! This summer I plan on painting some furniture, so your blog really inspires me and gives me the courage to go for it!

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life said...

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I "Crazy" love your blog and I am inspired to follow...I invite you to visit my blog and I hope is inspires you!!

Have a great week :-)

Patricia said...

Congratulations on you award! I am your newest GFC Follower. I am following you via the WW blog hop. Please follow me.

ccoffey said...

Hey there!

Congratulations on the award and for the 100 followers! How cool is that?

Got to your blog from Paisley Passions Hop!


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