Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curvy Television Stand

I have been working on this piece off and on for a bout a week or two. I am super excited because first of all its done....and second it looks great!

I have a client/friend that purchased a dresser from my first sale, you can see here , and she said she really needed a t.v. stand, that looked like a piece of furniture and wanted it painted black...So I had been on the hunt.
...and came across this China cabinet. It was 2 pieces, and the bottom piece was PERFECT for Sarahs t.v. stand, I sent her a pic, and she thought so Off I went to transform this little guy.

Painted him black first. Kept the original hinges...sprayed them black than srpayed them lightly with an ORB...and metallic brown, to add a bit of depth. Painted the inside a warm caramel color also.

Then decided to do a little something different...Sarah was all for it, so I did it. I glued wrapping paper to the top...and the glue caused little wrinkles all over, so I smoothed it out, took a rolling pin to it, sanded it a bit, and once I was happy with the whole texture (similar to leather)

I glazed the whole top, with a warm caramel color....Looks awesome if you ask me.
Close up!

I deconstructed the top drawer keeping the front only, and added a shelf to the drawer slot...

I added some hinges to make it open down instead so that it would be easier to access her cable box and or dvd player... drilled a whole in the back for the cords, and VIOLA!!!!!

Sorry for all the pics, I just love it! Hope you enjoyed seeing it be transformed into a gorgeous t.v stand!

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Shaunna said...

Nikki, it's beautiful!! I love that paper!! What a pretty pattern and you did a lovely job. Thanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday! -shaunna :)

Angie said...

NIKKI!!!!!! You are GOOD!!! Genius what you did with the top drawer!! This one turned out amazing!!

Tanya said...

Very nice! It'll look especially great with a larger screen on top.

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

So pretty!! I love the paper on top. And how you did the hinge drawer thing? You're too smart!! Love this!! I wish I lived near you. :)

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I used a dresser for my TV stand...I now might just have to add the wrapping paper to the top!

Linda said...

Beautiful project~ it turned out wonderfully!

Design Blooms said...

Good job! Love your furniture and your blog!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

How did you trim/cut edges of the paper? I love it an like that you have lots of pics.


great piece,, love the top
very different

Life Without Whiteout said...

Love, love, love..Did you mod podge it, or just elmer's?

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