Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tradition...

I haven't been that "into" christmas this year. No I'm not a scrooge. I think it might have to do with, my mom and brother (only intermediate family that live in California besides my lil family) have decided a few years ago not to celebrate christmas. because the "Meaning" has been lost. It has become way too commercialized for them, and being strong in their faith, they have chosen not to celebrate.
I'm beginning to agree. When my 7 year old was asked "What is christmas all about?" He answered presents. I know...Someone hasn't been doing their job *guilty*.

I just left Centsational Girl and Kate (I feel weird calling her by her name...since I don't know her and all) inspired me very early this morning. I believe the main straight to the point part of her blog was this "Even though December is a magical time of year, with little ones counting the days until Santa arrives, it can quickly become stressful and commercialized. I try to take it all in stride and focus on more meaningful moments: making cookies with the kids, crafting, decorating the tree, snuggling up with Christmas movies, and remembering the reason for the season." Straight from Kates writing.

She also said “Sure, the season is hectic, but you only have a few years to put tradition in their hearts.” shes so right! I have focused on the commercial aspects of it. Making sure my home looks greatly decorated (to my standards). I think I need to re-think things, I just hope its not too put tradition in my boys' heart.

I know I took her beautiful post, with beautiful pictures, and turned it blah with my own twist on things (I tend to do that sometimes. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to vent a little. Have any words of wisdom for me? I'd love to hear em.
Have a wonderful day!


One Life Many Journeys said...

I think it is easy to let the shopping and stress take you away from the true meaning. a few years ago we (siblings) stopped exchanging gifts and we only shop for the little ones. This has taken a lot off of me because buying a gift for me is STRESSFUL. For some reason I think it has to be the perfect gift suited to that person and there are some pretty eccentric people in my clan. Anywhooo..... Last year at my Mom's house she had a gift and saved it for last. It was a beautiful red velvet box. My niece was so attracted to it. When my Mom pulled it out she said it was a gift to God and asked us to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. My Niece decided it needed kisses blown into it from everyone. I think this will become a tradition for us now. Try to find a way to focus on HIM. I don't think Santa and the whole holiday thing is bad for kids as long as you can bring some focus to the reason for the season. May God bless you for trying to be the best Mom you can be.
Merry CHRISTmas!
Melinda (sorry so long)

donnaahoo said...


The other day when I was playing with Trevor and Brody while you were at work, nonchalantly I asked Trevor what he thought about Christmas, his words were; now sit down because you are going to tear up because from his own words were the wisdom you are showing him, which is the love of family, sharing with friends and about the Lord we serve. Trevor responded, "some people think it is all about presents, but it is more than that, it is about sharing love with your family, giving to others, and knowing that Jesus and God were born on Christmas day"

Although I corrected him about God never being created, I told him how proud I was of him for his answer, when I asked him how he was so wise, (smile) he said, I just know about Jesus and my mom tells me some things too".

We talked about church and I said it is hard for me to find one that teaches and practices the truth as I know it to be from the bible. He said, "Grandma, there are so many churches that I see all over Hesperia, there is a lot to choose from", and in my reply, I explained it this way, Trevor,it is like this, "when I am looking for some real gum and I go to the store where there are lots of gum, I have a hard time finding the 'real' gum, because of all the fake ones on the shelf, but one day if I keep searching really hard, I will find one that is teaching the truth, as far as going to church. Then we played yahtzee together.

LIttle lucky boy, got three yahtzee's, just like when I play with you ha ha .

Anyway my concerned and wise daughter, who is listening to that still small voice, I am a witness that your son is listening to you and learning--I love you so much, Mom

God's blessings to you this day,as I reflect on the strength and character you project onto your children with love.

Jessica @ Take Two Designs said...

Ever since my son was born, I started the tradition of making a birthday cake for Jesus on His birthday. This year my son is 3, and it was his first year to really understand and help me with it. We made cupcakes and he was SO excited about them! He knew whose birthday it was and then HE wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! He was showing everyone his "cupcakes for Jesus!" I was so proud! It's never too late to teach them! From reading your mom's post, I think you're doing a better job than what you think you are! It's so easy to get discouraged, but don't let the devil get you down! God bless you!

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