Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The life and Perspective of "my" 2 year old

On an average day, I start pretty early...
Wake about 3:30 make the hubbies lunch...try to go back to sleep, then wake at about 6:30 to tend to my boys...get ready for school and so on, nothing extravagant.

This morning, I wasn't able to go back to sleep, so as I was laying in bed watching a p90x infomercial I heard some wrestling coming from the kitchen. I figured it was one of the boys...so I waited for them to come hop in bed with me...

About 5 minutes go by and no kid in my bed, so I go to see whats up... and I find this *sneaking to get camera* :)

I say "whatta you doin" he gets startled, laughs then continues to enjoy his frosted flakes.

Ooops my camera bonks at me and tells me that my memory card is full...I'm thinking I better go unload it now, so I don't get all p'd off when I go to take a pic later... and heres what I find...
A whole lot of randomness... Hence the perception of my 2 year old...Surprise...Surprise...

This itself has made my day!
I love my kids! and I am super jazzed my camera didn't get broken!
Have a great day!

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