Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little something just made my week...

Hello There! Besides coming down with the stomach flu yesterday and feeling like I got ran over by a MAC truck. And at the same time my Brody-man has the worst cold ever :( I received some really awesome news. My lucky number was picked and I won something! Woo Hoo! A 2year(yes I said 2) subscription to
BHG Do It Yourself magazine! from Kim over at Second Time Furniture
Too cool!Well anyways, I hope everyones week has been going ok. This just made my week for sure :)Aaaannnd hopefully I will be able to post a finished project soon ;)


Michelle said...

yay! congrats!

Erin and Cory said...

I have to say I'm super jealous! That's awesome! I love that blog too!

Erin. @tatteredtoflattered

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