Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello world...How about a fresh start?

I read once somewhere that life never presents us with anything that can  not be looked upon as a fresh starting point...

And for the record, I get really distracted sometimes, and space responsibility? Ooops!
I received an email awhile back, and dismissed it. It stated that my domain name will soon be expiring, and to renew it asap...I didn't so I lost it. Ugh! I can't figure out how to get it I purchased a new one. I was able to import all of the posts I did...but unfortunately lost all of my followers :( I remember that feeling when I reached just 100! I miss you all already.
Here I am...Starting fresh!

This time around I want to focus more on the furniture that I refurbish.

I hope you will enjoy, and I hope to keep you intrigued.


debs said...

I wondered a time or two what happened to you. Join me Monday for the newbie party...yes a fresh start is always good!!~

A Kreative Knack said...

Will be there Deb!

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