Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off to my day job...

Happy Wednesday!

I've gotta to head off to my day job today :(
Yesterday was a wonderfully productive day. My hubby was home from work, so we were workin it up out in the garage... I love working with him...he is super awesome!
So got a few projects going on at the moment...don't wanna loose my umph, ya know...when I lose it I really lose it.
Completed another island transformation post will be up soon promise :)Started another island...waiting for the glue to set, then ready to sand and paint. Sanded a dresser down. Oooh I can't wait to start on her...
Here is the before.

And here is my inspiration Check out the treament done on the walls! I spotted those beauties at jones design company. The moment I saw this post, I just knew that was what treatment this dresser was getting!
By the way, that inspiration...SWOON! I so want a space like that!

So what projects do you all have going on?

Have a Happy Day!

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