Monday, March 22, 2010

Chalkboard/Pretty Cool Storage!

Okay I hope your not sick of hearing about Dollar Tree...cuz welp, I like it there, and I wanna share what I So the problem area of My lil mans robot room, has become a major pain in my butt...I realized, why spend a crap-load of time, making a cool fort, when he probably wont spend any time in there anyways, his toys will still be all over the livingroom, my room, the entryway, the hallway...etc. I must face it, my kid loves to make messes, and not in one spot , in a million spots, and that least hes smi-entertaining himself right...*pssst, keep telling yourself that*

Problem Area= The closet! ugh. it is huge, and just plain I decided to make yet another trip to Dollar Tree, and pick up some bins, to store some (yeah and I mean some) of the 5 billion toys...So I got 6 of these blue and green little bins, and put them on this shelf I have moving from room to room, trying to find a good home for it...and I finally did! Yay me!

Then I masked off a pretty large rectangle, and painted it with chalkboard paint outlined it with these really cool letters, courtesy of Dollar Tree, and I found this little set of 3 green baskets,

I took one and screwedit to the wall to hold all of the chalk and eraser...not a bad solution!

I think I'm done for a bit about Dollar Tree...maybe :)

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