Monday, March 1, 2010

Entryway/Mudroom Rug

Can I say Yay Me! I never would have thought a rug would make such a difference. Sure "they" say rugs muffle sounds, warm a place up, and add color. Welp "they" are right! Let me tell you I am a self proclaimed tight wad! mmmhmmm? I love a deal! I scored this for $20 marked down from $49.99 over at "World Market" yes I went over there again... and things were marked down even lower...woo hoo! I spotted this rug the last time I went in...but only I thought about it for my kitchen...Whatta ya know it fit wonderfully in my entryway. and had all my colors plus green...I like green. Never used it, but change is good!

The entryway is coming along, slowly but surely. Just waiting for everything to come in, what we ordered....Any day now? Whoever said "patience is virtue" is a silly person....the waiting is killing me!

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pk @ Room Remix said...

What a fun rug! I like all of the color. I wish our World Market hadn't closed. I miss it. :-(

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