Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Cute Wall Art

The Dollar sometimes my happy place. When I step through the doors, this overwhelming feeling of excitement comes over me...and thoughts, like oooh I could do this, and oooh just a little paint...or oooh if I take this and glue it to this! Its never ending :) I love that place.
So while I was there the other day, I was going through all the little vinyl decal section...princess...nah, cheetah print...nah, frilly chalboard...nah, WHAT ROBOTS! YES! Perfect for my lil mans room...I got 3 sets, and lined the robots up just above the chair rail and beadboard I put up here, and they are too freakin cute...and good final touch for sure! Check em out...

So the next time you are at your local Dollar Tree...Dig around! You'll find it...promise!
Stick around for more finds from the Dollar Tree!


Angie said...

Gotta love it!!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hello Nikki, Way Too Cute, robots are adorable for the littly guys. I too love that Dollar Store-I can spend so much time in there, & i know that feeling of the heart pitter-pattering, the excitement, sometimes i get that feeling as im at the light waiting to pull into Joanns or Michaels, Trying to hurry the cars along, so i can hurry to get inside.. Too Funny-who would of thought back in the day that going to a craft store or the dollar store would bring such happiness... Just Love It..
Thanks for the comment- I truly get so so excited when i see a comment..I totally run to the computer when i wake up or after kids are in bed-to see if there is a comment(how silly hunh)..

Megan Joy said...

I <3 Dollar Tree! We take a trip at least once a week and find something new each time.

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

What a great find!

Thanks for linking up with What are little boys made of?

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