Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Frugal Finds!

I said I would be back and here I am! What a day this has been...one of the longest ones ever!

I have been super busy juggling, that thing called work, and my hobby... I wil not let work win! Dang-it!

So here are some things begging for my attention...
I purchased this credenza from a rummage sale at a church down the street, for $2. So picture the bottom middle part a wine rack, and some doors on the sides....smothered with in a rich black paint color...with a little distressing! yummmmm huh?!
Oh but wait what do you all think about the feet? Keep em...or replace with some chuncky ball style ones?

This little gal, was layers of yellow, then white, then green, and finally peach! and missing a drawer...Curb Alert find...so Free! I'm almost done with her... so check back, I don't want to ruin her debut :)

This piece I found at a yard sale saturday for $20. I already started dismantling this beauty...there was a mirror atop of it...but it was really warped, and scratched, so it is now just a dresser...soon to be painted a lovely turquoise color...ooh can't wait!

These are the 2 chairs I received from a sweet woman that I talked about here. For Free! might keep the little one....seems like a great time out chair...lol

Oh man and this is just a jist of all the stuff calling my name the second I get a free moment...I have picked up everything from scrap wood, to mason jars, and frames to remnant fabric!
Busy Busy Busy....
My goal is to have all sorts of things ready to place in new homes sometime around the middle of July I plan on having a sale! Yep a sale! Sounds like fun huh....welp gotta get to work then huh :) These things aren't going to paint themselves...

More to come...just you wait and see!


M.O.T.B said...

Can't wait too see how they turn out!

Andrea said...

EXCITING! Don't ya just love a good find?!

Alison said...

Great finds sista! I'm loving the black...it's my thing right now too. And I had the same thought about that cute little chair...perfect for time-outs! Have fun refurbishing....:)


Angie said...

GREAT finds!!!! Not sure about the legs on the first one?? Maybe decide after it's painted?

Dhamma said...

Oh! Keep the legs it's what makes the piece!!

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

Ohh - I'm soooo jealous!! Those are awesome finds!!
I love the legs on the credenza. I say keep them.
And those chairs? OMGosh!! Are you going to recover that yellow one? Puh-lease take step-by-step pictures and share all your details. I'm scared of reupholstery - but I want to try.
I love the black hutch. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
And what's this about a sale? Like a yard sale? Or, are you going to get your items in a shop?? Tell me!!! I can't stand the suspense! :)
Good grief girl. You're taking on a lot - and working. *WHEW* You're making me tired.

Jackie the Junk Junkie said...

I can't wait to see how they turn out !!

Jackie the Junk Junkie said...

I say ax the legs on the one in first pic. . . replace them with some thicker, chunkier styled ones. :D

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hey Nikki- if you go to my blog-scroll down i had that same chair- (2 of them) one i did in muslin and the other in a blue satin- EXACT same chairs i bought in Grass Valley the day after Thanksgiving.
Too Funny

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