Tuesday, May 11, 2010

♥ A Mothers Love♥

♥Shutter Love Tuesday♥ 
The theme this week is "A Mothers Love"

What a wonderful theme, and great timing with Mothers Day just past, I bet alot of you have some wonderful photos, just waiting to be shared.

I decided to share this photo...

In this photo Brody was only 2 months old and Trevor almost 5. I feel such pride when I think and look at this picture. ahhhhh...My two most precious gifts, I could have received. 
I hope you enjoy my photo :)
Stop over at Trendy Treehouse, and join in on the sharing...if not you can always vote too, for your favorite photo. The last time I checked there were some good ones :)

Off to go do some painting ;)Check back soon, for some furniture makeovers!

Have a Beautiful Day!


Gracefully Vintage said...

Love that photo- i wish i had a digital camera when my babies were little- so that i could pull thm up like that. Just Darling. Thanks for stopping over - it was hard waiting for it to dry-and my -un patient self- took a door knob off of a closet door inside-because i couldnt wait to see what it would look like- now i have to get one for the closet door...
Loving your Blog-Looks Amazing..Hope you had a great Mothers day- my 15 year old wrote me a card thanking me for driving him to his friends houses and gave me $5, my 12 yr old gave me a card w- many coupns in it for cleaning-and the baby a flower- and the hubby a card and $100 to go spend at goodwill or buy a sewing machine for the shoppe. Very Blessed. Have a great day.
Karryann your boys are adorable.

Angie said...

Such a beautiful photo!!!!!!!

crush. blog said...

Gifts us of us with our children are such a great gift to give them -so often we are nehind the lens.

We're your newest followers!

Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

This one evokes such emotion! I love it. :)

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

Gorgeous picture. Happy late Mother's Day!!! :)

I haven't heard of that linky party, I'm gonna go check in out.

M.O.T.B said...

I love this beautiful photo!

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