Saturday, February 27, 2010

Huh? What? I won? Woo Hoo!

Just the other day I received a super sweet comment from M.O.T.B. the other day, and was invited to enter her give-a-way! So I did! This was such a fun game. She listed a whole bunch of quotes from movies, and asked us to comment and name how many we knew. I froze up...I started day dreaming...I knew one right off the bat, and it was from "The Notebook"....Ah I ♥ that movie! And after that, I won! A super pretty bracelet! See...

Isn't is pretty!

I never win anything! I'm super stoked right now! I honestly didn't expect to win. I just wanna meet new friends! So go ahead and check her out at Mom of Two the way next to my boys :) She has the cutest ones out there :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Ash said...

HOw fun is that.... Cute lil Bracelet :) My grandma does that kinda stuff on her blog hee hee...

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