Thursday, January 28, 2010

Him is a big boy now!

My lil' baby Brody is getting bigger, and alot more adventurous. So its about time to grow up his room from nursery room to toddler room. Brodys Robot Room has been an ongoing project of mine for awhile now. It took awhile to get a design in mind...But after alot of inspirations, and his little hints of what hes into, I decided on "Retro Robots." His room isn't the biggest in the house, but It will work with alot of imagination, and daddys my hard work, it will be an amazing place for him to sleep(not often) play(always) and just hang out with his big brother(who is helping me with ideas).
Here are some Inspirations I stumbled upon while trying to decide...





Its on my to do list...So I will have a post up soon with ALL the details on his room!

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