Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To do list for 2010...In Progress...

I have been cruisin around the blog world, finding so many inspirations...its unbelievable! my mind is going crazy, its even hard to sleep at night...whew...
So I saw a post at Tip Junkie about, to do lists, etc...
And coincidentally a friend of mine and I chat frequently about her list. I have yet to make one for myself... but I would like to. I am an unorganized-organized list maker...you know writing on the back of receipts,on magazine covers, fliers that come in the mail. I know what the heck! I try? So here is my first attempt at a "normal-organized" list:
To do list for 2010
1. Become more "GREEN" I wouldn't mind being a hippie :)
2. Finish Brodys robot room
3. Design and construct my Pantry
4. Concrete counter tops in the kitchen (mainly a hubby thing) I wanna help too!
5. Redo boys/guest bathroom
6. Plant a vegetable garden
7. Hang a clothesline
8. Finish courtyard
9. Mudroom Redo
10.Window treatment all around house
11.Re-do Master Bedroom
12.Start doing what I love and getting paid for it! (buy,redo,sell)
13.Become more organized!

I think that will be all for now...my little bugger is calling me " nannnnnaaaaa" (he means momma, I just know it)lol terrible two's at 18 mos. Who woulda thought...

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Laurie Turk said...

That's a great To Do list! I love home decor and it looks like you'll be tacking several fun projects this year.

Thank you so much for participating in Talk to me Tuesday!


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