Monday, January 4, 2010

Curio Reveal!

Its Done! My long time awaited curio!

So as I said awhile ago, I picked up this simple curio...for free off Cragslist, and made it my own!
With a little lovin... spray paint,new hardware and fabric! Turned out really pretty! ( ah ha I said pretty) did!
Here are some pics!

So as you can see, the mirror on the back was cracked, so I broke it all out...Safety 1st! I absolutley did not forget my safety glasses, and heavy duty gloves!
Coming from the girl who managed to swallow(yep) a straight pin while sewing a halloween costume....*ouch* I don't have the best of luck, ya know...
sanded it lightly,primed it with a color closest to my final color(red) and spray painted the whole thing an espresso color... I got the spray paint and primer from "OSH" for about $7.00
I also changed out the really dated brass knob with a super pretty satin finished nickel one for $4.00 also from "OSH." And to replace the glass I busted out, I picked up some curtain panels from Big lots...the package was open so I got them for 50% off... $5.00 woo hoo! Doesn't hurt to ask...tee hee. Anywho, I cut them to size, and used spray adhesive to attach it to the backer board! and Waala!

Not too bad hmmmm?
For a total of about $16.00
Note: it didn't take me long believe it or not....maybe 3 weeks to completely finish it. Not bad with my crazy life :)

Okay...gotta get...
Hopefully I will be up to more good...soon
I'll keep ya posted


Nicole said...

What an improvement! Thanks for sharing! I love the pattern you choose to place in the back of the cabinet.

Kirsty said...

I like it! I never know what to do with a curio cabinet, but I'm always on the lookout for one!

Teri said...

Oh, very cool! :)

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

It turned out great! Thanks for sharing at POPP.

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