Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Awesome Friday Finds: part 2

Fridays are the day for one, then sales all over the thrift store world, in my parts of town for the second! I didn't have anything thing in mind...(never really do) I have so many things I have yet to finish on my "list" but whats a few more projects..... Just stopped by a few places, and found some goodies with lots-a-potential...woo hoo!

Great Wine Carafe

A little spray paint on the lid, a couple cotton balls... perfecto for my bathroom redo!

Perfect just the way they are...Milk Glass vases.

Ugly... Yes! a little spray paint, and this'll be a perfect little catch-all or candy'll see.

Set of coasters...can we say "Decoupage" mmmmhhmmmm...

I'll get em done soon....check back for the after pics!

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