Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh So Sleek chest of drawers make over

Like new chest of drawers

Didn't it turn out pretty. Not sure if it's going to stay there or find a new home yet...we'll see. Ooooh and theres a little peek of the lamp I got last week...not done yet.
All I did with this was sand it pretty thoroughly, take off the knobs, prime and paint with the same "espresso" color as my curio cabinet. I also painted the knobs a satin finish nickel color.
Before. notice the pale pink color, and diamond sponging technique on the drawers...mmmmhmmm?

Ahhhhh so sleek and perdie!

This little guy cost me $12.50 total. I already had the paint from previous projects. And took me 1 day...with drying times included.
I'm pretty excited to add it to my home.

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