Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Assecories - DIY Decorative Balls

Whew! that was quick huh! Oooh and I remembered where I was inspired. Mrs. Little Big Nest @ Little Big Nest made these adorable decorative balls....and I just had to try. Remember yesturday I posted my Apothecary projecthere. This morning I got to work. After cruisin the craft stores, for some reason I couldn't find the size balls I needed, so I remembered I had some silver-ish gold ornaments in my christmas stash...and they worked out just perfect. aanndd this was almost the quikest craft I've done yet!
So first I got everything together, heres everything I needed:

Oh...please excuse the poor pics, the lighing in my house is no bueno, thanks to all this rain.
Then I ran beads of hotglue in a spiral shape around the ornament, and laid down the glass beads.

To keep them out of the little hands in the house, I put them on skewers and plopped them in a large jar with "more" glass beads. they're pretty huh?

and here ya go! lol they were a heck of alot bigger once I got the beads on, so I could only fit 3 in the jar...still cute though...not 100% on it yet, but we'll see :)

Try It! these are super pretty and can be used anywhere...seriously! Ok well more to check in later!

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