Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Install a "You Might Also Like" (Link Within Widget)

As you can see, I am pretty new to blogger and blogging. But I like it I really like it. So I wanted to make my blog a little more interesting for those of you who stop by. And of coarse I didn't want my past projects to wither away. I have noticed on others blogs, they have this cool little thing down at the bottom of each post that says "You might also like." And most of the time I click and I do like! So I wanted one of my very own.
Now let me tell you I Google everything...and I mean everything, so I go Googled, how to add"you might also like" to my blog. A lot of sites came up, and after a few, I found one that seemed super easy. LinkWithin. Just follow the steps and you'll have one too!
I hope this post could be of some help to you!


Mariesa M. said...

Thank you for the info! It was very helpful!

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Great tip! i am still trying to learn all the in's and outs' on what can be done and how.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog.

riza said...

thanks..really help me a lot

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