Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paint your room- Jetson Style

OMG! Have you ever got stuck in a spot where you can't make a decision on a paint color? How many swatches did you have taped to your living room walls? How many squares of sample paint, do you have checkered around your kitchen? Yeah me too... Thank goodness for those $3 sample jars of paint huh?
I have a little dilemma. The majority of the interior walls in our house are brick, and love the aesthetic of no I will not cover them with dry can't make me :) I want to redo our master bedroom...well I guess you wouldn't really call it a "redo" I always put off our room until last, and honestly it never and I mean never gets done.In fact here it is...

Blah huh....Great bones...just needs some lovin, well lots of lovin. I'm workin on it. I was browsing through Sherwin Williams paint colors, and a pop-up of their Color Visualizer caught my attention. Super Freakin Awesome! You can upload a pick of your room....outline what you want to paint, pick a color, and it paints it for you. No not really paints it, this isn't the It does a computer generation of your room with the color! I love this!
There is only 1 mmhhmm 1 small window in our room, so I want to make it bright, and airy. I want blueish-greens, whites and neutrals. I would really love to stain or paint the furniture darker, but I haven't talked the hubby into that yet....*trying* So I want blue, not baby blue, not crayon blue... something tranquil, so this is gonna take awhile. And BTW I used a Sherwin Williams color in my living room Note: I don't have a Sherwin Williams near me so I took the code over to my trusty paint girl at Home Depot and she copied it for me....and woo! do I love that color!
Heres some examples of the colors I'm considering..

7658 Gray Clouds

6248 Jubilee

6247 Krypton

And here is one just just to show you how much fun this program is!

6584 Cheery

Try it! You'll love it. Did I mention its free! Oh and any suggestions on which color you'd choose...feel free to drop me a comment!
Have a great day!


The Girl Creative said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :) I'm going to have to try those sugar cookies myself (Amy, my co-contributor posted the recipe). I find if you make them kind of thick and undercook them a bit,that's the key. :)

Now following...... Have a great weekend!

Interior Paint Color Guide said...

I love Jubilee the best, it looks very balanced to me - at least on my monitor! :)

And, as much fun and helpful the Color Visualizer is, don't forget to always test all paint colors in real life - next to your fabrics/furnishings, in daytime and evening lighting, etc.

I wish I had a brick wall in my house... love the texture and character of it!


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