Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manic Monday Brag - Neck Tie Onesie

Yep, I am joining the trend of these do-it-yourself onesies, that I have seen just about everywhere. Did I mention I heart these! They are so handsome! I got a 3 pack of white onesies from Ross. and the material for 30% off from joanns! so for about 2 bucks, this cute lil gift was made...and this was a quick project...really quick maybe 30 min! I know right!

sketch out a tie on "Heat n Bond" paper

lay the fabric right side down, then iron pattern to fabric. I placed mine a little crooked...I wanted the lines not so straight up and down

Cut around the lines of the pattern

Peel the paper off, and then place onto onesie, and iron

and voila! it would be good just like this but I finished it off with a straight stitch all around the tie

So I took the little onesie over to my sewing machine, picked a matching thread, and got to sewing.

Here it is all done...gotta wrap it up, and give it up.

More to come...check in later!

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