Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Books! Pretty-fied with Paper!

Lets talk fireplace decor! My mantle rocks! But the hearth...is blah. Last week I posted a little makeover I did to a metal star here, and remember it needed a little beefing up...welp here was my solution. Just stack stuff on top of each other...in a pretty way anyways. From that same yard sale I grabbed a copper square, plate/tray. I spray painted it with a metallic brown color(sorry no pics)...super pretty with alot more contrast than ORB. hey, I still ♥ ORB, just needed a little complimenting going on.

I also snatched up a candle holder from a thrift store last week. So I attacked it with some ORB and Gorilla Glue, then attached it to the bottom of the star, just to give it some height (oops sorry no pics).
Still not good enough...I have realized I ♥ books. HATE reading, but love books. I gravitate toward them everywhere I go? Don't ask me why, cuz I have no clue?
Anyways back to the decor situation...I have a little collection of books, that are just chillin in my closet ( not a great place, I know) So? Why not cover them to make them pretty! and stack em up, under the star thingy? yeah! I know I've seen it done under a lamp over at Thrifty and Chic....so why not now?

I scavenged through my stash of scrapbook paper, and picked a few coordinating colors, and went at it. I used Mod Podge, to adhere the paper to the books and some sandpaper to rough up the edges.



My Favorite! This book's hard cover was all black, so I really only needed to use a bit of paper to snazz it up, so I used some fancy scissors to give the edge that cute frill :) ♥ it!

And after the after...even added a few thumb tacks to the spines to add a litle somethin-somethin. I really like this now! Its grand enough to stand up to the hugest of all huge fireplaces!
Oh and I'm workin on the other corner, so stick around, and you'll get to see the whole thing super finished! (wait? is anything every really "super finished?") hmmmm?

Well Come back anyways! lol


Angie said...

HA! Spoken like a true decorator!! Nothing is ever "finished" ;) LOVE the last book! It's my favorite!!!

Veronica said...

Very nice and the last book is so pretty.

Dawn said...

Love what you did with the books!
Very creative! The star candle holder looks great atop the books !
BTW I cannot wait to see what you do with the other corner!

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