Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Happy" Passed on!

Where in the heck do I start? Angie! yeah over at Treasures recieved this award....which was well deserved, She rocks! Well she passed this award over to lil ol me.
I am super happy! And here goes for the top 10 things that make me happy.

My Boys!
Trevor (6)
Everything is a dire emergency...everything he gets into he gets super into, his mind and potential is amazing!
Brody (20mo)
He hasn't been shall I say every look/expression he makes is so pure and innocent! I really wish I could make faces with him all day, every day!
They are both extreme. When they are Happy they are REALLY overly happy. When they are ornery they are REALLY overly ornery!
Those are my boys!

Kreative Knack
This blog has allowed me to breathe. Really though, I have finally found it ok to have "me" time. A few times a day, I come to my desk and breathe. I create and share. And find that I have blog friends...who are super supportive. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I'm that crazy lady you see in the lane next to you "Rocking Out!" Sublime is my favorite...the feel of the beat, and the tone of the words gets to me. Oh and nope, I'm not a pot head. lol just like the reggae beats. they are great for road rage.

The Sun
Just sitting or laying in its rays are a blessing. The warmth shining on me goes down to my core. I love that feeling.

Let me rephrase that...Bargain Shopping. But honestly I like to do it alone, so all the ideas in my head can bounce around freely, and I can walk by the same thing over and over again, before I decide..." ugh thats is soooo not worth that price" and I don't have to worry about anyone else, just what I'm going to do with a dinged up, paint peeling off, wax all over candle stick. :)

The smell on the hot ground.
I just want to run out and do cartwheels, and twirlies in it!

Red ones
enough said
I am a t shirt and jeans girl. I aspire to be more...but my roots come out eveytime. Something about being in an incredibly comfy pair of jeans, I just love!
yep being silly with my boys. Sometimes I talk with funny accents, and joke alot. Just to hear my oldest son say " mom! stop I'm gonna pee my pants" ah ha ha...I got that Perma-Smile going on!
Something about knowing your not alone. I may feel alone sometimes, but I'm really not!

Ahhhh that was cool! Being a mom, wife, cook, working full time, soccer mom, chauffeur, teacher,trampoline (yep)...and other things I would much not mention...this post is rated G...or atleast PG. I really don't have time to think about Happy Stuff. I think thats where the saying comes in...
"Stop and Smell the Roses"
Can mine be tulips?
I love tulips.

So now to pass this awesome eye opening happy award on! I have to choose 5 right? k.
Well I really want to send ib back to Angie...but then the poor thing would have to do hers all over again... So you gotta know I love ya girl, but I just can't do it to ya!

The ladies I would like to pass this award to are,

Kate at Centsational Girl. Because of her choices in design and use of color. Her DIY projects are truly inspiring to me. I have yet to try any of it cold feet, or just bad timing...but I will, promise.

Alison at House of Hepworths "HoH" . She is definately creative, she transforms ordinary things into super pretty decor. She has been recognized for her ingenuity before, so whats one more :)

Amanda at MOTB. I love reading her rantings, and ravings about being a mother and wife. and the playroom, she did for her boys is Awesome!

Alicia at Thrify and Chic. Because She is super elegant. And very talented with her decor tastes. Oh and thats were I saw the wonderful books I recovered yesturday! Yay! Shes great!

Denise at Copy Cat Creations. I just found her and I love her. I want to urge her to do some more projects. I want to see more of that talent! Just check her out.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this as much as myself! Thanks again Angie!


M.O.T.B said...

Hey thanks! I love getting awards and what a fun one! You are the best!!!!

Angie said...

Loved your happy list!! To funny about the pot head- I like sublime too and as with the cinderella carraige on your wall, my mind never went to weed! ;)

Centsational Girl said...

Aw, Nikki, you're so very kind ! I am inspired to do a 'Happy 101' post of my own ! Must work on that this weekend !


crush. blog said...

fun post! the smell of rain on the ground?! AGREED.

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