Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple and Quick Fireplace (hearth) Decor

I have had this set of vases on the hearth of my fireplace, since the last 3 houses we've lived in, and they are not really that great...nice...just not cuttin it...So I picked up a couple of trays/plates, to hold a few things and snazz up the look of my fireplace a bit.

First thing I snatched was this medium sized metal star candle holder for $1 at a garage sale.
So all I needed was to clean it really good, considering all the rust on with a wool pad I went a scrubbin. then painted it with a flat black spray paint first only so that the ORB I am about to use will show alot better, and take less coats.

And here ya go. Now all we need are some balls...aha...decorative ones. and we're all set :)

Nice eh? But honestly it still looks a little puny next to my masive fireplace. So I now have my eye out for some crates like these


I think they'd look super cool stacked up in the corner.

Stick around because tomorrow I'm gonna post how I made these awesomely cheep jute balls!

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Katie said...

Love that star bowl/plate thingy! Good eye! Can't wait to see how you made those jute balls!

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Great garage sale find! It really looks better after you painted it! So cute! Happy Friday Follow!

Veronica said...

Your project has been featured at Veronicas Korner. Please stop by and grab your Featured Button.

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